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Army Selection and Recruitment Centre Lahore: Your Gateway to Joining the Armed Forces

Many students dream about to be a part of PAK ARMY and do a lot of efforts to get in and collect information’s

In our lostinlahore website you will find what you are searching for. We will give you all the info you need.

What is an Army Selection and Recruitment Centre (AS&RC)?

Army Selection and Recruitment Centre is basically a selection center for those who want to join Pak army in future. In this army center they will check your stamina according to the requirements for selection in military so you can easily join army.

Those candidates will be selected successfully in Pak Army if they clear all the intelligence and physical test. Before going into Pak army you have to prepare tests for recruitment center and make yourselves prepare mentally and physically to pass your tests.

There are army centers in various cities of Pakistan like in Rawalpindi, Muzaffarabad, Abbottabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and other countries.

Motto of Pakistan Army:

  • IMAN

For being in a military you have a firm faith in Allah Almighty that whatever will happen in life Allah will always protect them as he is the creator no matter which his servant is he will always guide him.

And a person has a fear of Allah. Battling in the way of Allah and to protect own country in a war.


ISSB sands for Inter-services Selection Board. The selection through board is made based on five days of mental screening to test the capacity, fitness and character of a candidate. The tests are held in any of the four centers, specifically Kohat, Gujranwala, Quetta and Malir.

Candidates need to go through an exhaustive methodology of five days. They are tried by the clinician, Group Testing Officer (GTO) and the Representative President.

Candidates who pass the determination methodology qualify, given that they finish an actual assessment, clinical trial and general information test to go through official preparation at military foundations.

Types of Tests in AS&RC:

1- Physical test:

For physical tests you have maintain your physical health to pass the test because it is very necessary for candidate to have a good health to run fast and a great height  from 5 feet four inches to stand straight like a gentleman.

Physical test be taken in the fortress stadium ground.

2- Education test:

The IQ level of a candidate must be above 83. They will take your test in the form of MCQ’S and EASSAYS. You have to pass them to continue your selection further.

3- Medical test:

Urine and blood test, chest X-ray. There will be a hearing test in which they will put the headphones to both of your ears and tell you to press the button on the panel to hear the beep in your ear. Your heart will be examined to check your pulse rate and an ECG. Specialized doctors in ENT should do your ears, nose and sinus checkup.

4- Interviews:

The officers ask you some questions about military and ask you about your greatest strength, weakness, how much stress and pressure you can handle and how can you overcome in difficult situations.

Also asks you about your interest in army and why you have chosen to be in army. And some other necessary questions related to army.

Courses in Army:

There will be some courses you have to learn help meet the demands of ISSB. There are two categories small course and long course.

PMA Long Course is thorough and all the more explicitly the foundation of Pak Armed force. Competitors get confirmation after moderate and experience armed force life in the entirety of its greatness.

Long Course (PMA)

The Long Course at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) is a two-year training program in Abbottabad, designed for those who want to become officers in the Pakistan Army. In these two years, cadets learn about military tactics, leadership, and different subjects related to the army.

The program is like a well-thought-out plan. It covers important topics such as how to be a good leader, understanding military strategies, and learning about things like national security. As cadets go through the Long Course, they also get special training for the specific jobs they want to do in the army.

  • It’s not just about knowing things; it’s about becoming the kind of person who can make good decisions and show qualities like discipline and honesty.
  • Staying physically fit is also a big part of the program because being in the army requires being strong in both the mind and body.
  • Abbottabad, where the training happens, is a peaceful place that helps cadets focus on their learning. The cadets become like a close-knit group of friends, creating a good atmosphere for learning and training.

The main goal of the Long Course is to turn individuals into good leaders who care about their country. People who finish the program not only know a lot about the army but also want to serve their country with pride. It’s like getting ready for a job in the Pakistan Army, where they can use what they learned to be successful and make a positive impact.

BMTC (Basic Military Training Course)

Pakistan Armed force values supporting the blending capability of ladies in diverse fields which provide Lady Cadets BMTC.

TCC (Technical Cadet Course)

The course of TCC is for those candidates who want to apply in army to join Pak army as an engineer. For TCC course candidates has to pass the FSC pre engineering in intermediate.

IC (Intergrated Course)

IC acknowledges Cadets who will to join EME, Signs, RVFC and Armed force Schooling Corps with least bosses in various fields. The IC has a term of a half year. Cadets drop as Skippers.

LCC (Lady Cadet Course)

 The LCC go through a preparation time of a half year and drop as captain in supporting arms of the Pakistan Armed force.

GDMOS (General Duty Medical Officers)

Candidates are offered following positions as per their specialization as Captain and Major in Pakistan Armed force: Chief position is proposed to all male and females for the overall Medical clinical officials. Chief position is additionally allowed to the female dental specialist.

AMC (Army Medical Corps)

It is an imperative piece of Pakistan Armed force, serving in a help and military clinical job. The corps likewise plays an optional part of offering common types of assistance in wellbeing. They support in all kinds of operation at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Pak Army provides facility to both of the genders to join the military force. Male and female both can join army force and fulfill their wish, to build their confidence and to be proud on themselves by being a Lady cadet or soldier.


  • 239 Street 5, Cavalry Ground, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Monday07:00am – 03:00pm
Tuesday07:00am – 03:00pm
Wednesday07:00am – 03:00pm
Thursday07:00am – 03:00pm
Friday07:00am – 03:00pm


I tried my best to give you all the info you need about AS&RC. But in case you want know more or you have queries related to this article you can ask without any hesitation we are here for you to help you .

Q1. How many army selection centers in Pakistan?

It is located in different 27 cities if Pakistan.

Q2. Who can apply for ISSB?

Citizen of Pakistan who have the age criteria from:
17-24 years.

Q3. What is ISSB test in Pak army?

It is selection committee for the selection of those who apply in this course and wants to join Pak army

Q4. What type of questions asked in interview?

They ask you about you greatest strength and weakness and how can you overcome the difficulties and also ask about your interest in army.

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