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Bahria Town Lahore |  A Comprehensive Guide to the Luxurious Facilities and Urban Living Beauty

The largest real estate project in Pakistan and the largest private housing community in Asia are called Bahria Town. It started in Islamabad in the late 1990s and moved to other Pakistani cities, especially Lahore, bringing similar housing complexes with it.

A distinct neighborhood outside of Lahore is known as Bahria Town Lahore. This vast area is home to many homes and shops. Its goal is to give individuals a modern and genuinely enjoyable living.

They did a fairly good job preparing it. Along with parks and recreational areas, the area also has schools and hospitals. It’s not terribly crowded, so it’s peaceful despite being close to the city and still being accessible for travel.

Prime Location of Bahria Town:

Its prime location also provides the ideal balance of convenience and tranquility, allowing residents to escape the hustle and bustle of the town and people seeking an elegant and pleasant living  while yet having easy access to all the facilities of the big city. The goal of Bahria Town Lahore is to improve and modernize life in Lahore, Pakistan.

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Bahria Town Lahore:

Pakistan’s Lahore is one of the biggest cities known for its architectural gems from the past. Though its beautiful green spaces are essential to the region’s identity, they have been overrun by fast urbanization and population growth. Bahria Town Developments became a transforming force, giving these lush landscapes a modern feel and bringing them back to life.

In order to provide room for a dynamic and forward-thinking future, this redevelopment has completely changed the city’s architectural and cultural legacy. Bahria Town today serves a broad range of people with a variety of lifestyles by providing a wide range of housing choices, from vast farmhouses to traditional bungalow-style homes.

Distinctive Lifestyle in Bahria Town Lahore:

Life develops in a distinctive way in Bahria Town Lahore, bringing refinement and modernity into day-to-day existence. It’s a place where luxurious amenities blend flawlessly with natural greenery to create a calm yet energetic atmosphere. With a variety of housing options—from elegant flats and villas to roomy farmhouses—everyone finds their ideal place to call home.

Bahria Town is more than just housing; with thoughtfully planned amenities, it promotes community. Everything from beautiful parks to busy business districts, top-notch medical facilities, entertainment venues, and educational institutions—every aspect of life grows in this energetic neighborhood.

Residents are offered the opportunity to develop in a safe, supportive atmosphere by leading a balanced lifestyle. Bahria Town Lahore is a lifestyle destination that offers an unparalleled fusion of comfort, elegance, and modern amenities. It is more than just a housing society.

Bahria Town Mosque:

It is considered the nation’s most majestic monument of its rich Islamic culture, the Grand Jamia Mosque in Bahria Town Lahore is the fourteenth largest mosque in the world and the third largest in Pakistan. Its distinctive architectural grandeur is a source of great admiration.

Facilities at Bahria Town Lahore:

Bahria Town Lahore offers a country club, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, an iconic monument, commercial area, and top-notch security, showcasing a blend of luxury amenities and safety measures within the society.

Sectors at Bahria Town Lahore

  • Sector A:

The oldest and most popular residential neighborhood in Bahria Town, Sector A showcases the basic layout of Bahria Town Lahore. It consists of Babar Block and Canal Block and has contemporary facilities including smooth roads, underground utilities, and sold-out plots turned into lively family residences.

  • Sector B:

Located next to Luxury Hotels in Bahria Town Lahore, Sector B is an excellent location that allows easy access to all contemporary conveniences. Spread with lush parks and play areas, it is notable for its experimental infrastructure, which includes underground utilities, establishing a new benchmark in Pakistan.

  • Sector C:

After A & B’s accomplishment, Sector C in Bahria Town Lahore develops as a future commercial center known as the “New Lahore”. It presents ‘Independence Drive, a bustling business district with tall buildings beside the well-known Lahore Canal, drawing investment opportunities and creative advancements within the controlled Bahria Town landscape.

  • Sector D:

Established in July 2011, Sector D offers a comprehensive lifestyle community experience, situated next to Sector C. It offers a distinctive lifestyle setting that is unmatched throughout Pakistan because to its special facilities, which include food courts, Gold Class Cinema, Community Centers, and beautiful parks.

  • Sector E:

Sector E was introduced in February 2012, close to Sectors C and D, in response to Sector D’s success. It provides a variety of housing alternatives with full lifestyle facilities and is home to Pakistan’s first international theme park. The Grand Jamiah Mosque and the Bahria Country Club are next to this area.

  • Sector F:

The last sector, sector F, is made up of the following six blocks: Shershah, Ghazni, Touheed, Sikandar, Alamghir, and Tipu Sultan. Famous for its Grand Jamia Mosque and Bahria Country Club within Bahria Town Lahore, it is also known for its International Standard Schools & Hospitals, Commercial Areas, Bahria Grand Hotel, Food Courts, Gold Class Cinema, Taj Banquets, and Sports Complex.

Investment at Bahria Town Lahore:

Investing in Bahria Town Lahore can be profitable due to its planned infrastructure and rising property values. Consider market trends and consult experts for informed decisions aligned with your financial goals.

LDA Approved and Postal Code:

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has given its approval to every block in Bahria Town Lahore. 53720 is the assigned postal code for Bahria Town Lahore and other LDA approved housing schemes in lahore.

Civic Center:

The Bahria Civic Center, located in Sector E of Bahria Town, Lahore, presents a commercial project with a 24-month payment plan spread over eight installments. Situated in close proximity to the Eiffel Tower and Theme Park, this property offers residential plots measuring 5, 8, and 10 Marla’s and is an appealing investment opportunity.

Bahria Orchid

Among Lahore’s developments, Bahria Orchard stands as a more modest effort in comparison to Bahria Town Lahore.

Discover a perfect blend of city living and the tranquility of nature at Bahria Orchard, the ambitious project by Bahria Town Lahore. It is conveniently located next to Sharif Medical City Road and Main Raiwind Road, with easy access to Ring Road. With a range of choices ranging from 1 Kanal to 5 Marla villas and luxurious apartments, together with developed residential and commercial plots, Bahria Orchard encourages you to live in harmony with the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Bahria Orchard offers an environment where vivid green fields, fruit trees, and the attraction of earthy landscapes have produced a compelling mood, surpassing the attractiveness of modern living. This magnificent getaway strikes the perfect mix between modern conveniences and the charm of rural living.

Facilities at Bahria Orchid:

Immerse yourself in luxury at Bahria Orchard, a thriving neighborhood that skillfully blends residences and business spaces, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, and a state-of-the-art mall. It is Pakistan’s most exclusive and self-sufficient address, with first-rate security and infrastructure.

Bahria Town is located not only in Lahore but also in Peshawar, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. They have offices abroad as well.


  • Block D Bahria Orchard, Lahore, Punjab


Monday09:00 am – 05:00 pm
Tuesday09:00 am – 05:00 pm
Wednesday09:00 am – 05:00 pm
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Friday09:00 am – 05:00 pm
Saturday09:00 am – 05:00 pm

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Q1. Which kinds of real estate are offered in Bahria Town?

Bahria Town offers a variety of properties to suit a range of tastes, from business spaces and apartments to residential plots and villas.

Q2. How is the security within Bahria town?

The town has a well-organized security system with surveillance measures, gated entrances, and security personnel to ensure residents’ safety.

Q3. Are there educational facilities in Bahria town?

Yes, Bahria Town features schools, colleges, and educational institutions providing quality education within the community.

Q4. What types of properties are in Bahria town?

Properties in Bahria Town range from residential plots and villas to apartments and commercial spaces, catering to diverse preferences.

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