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Exploring Hafeez Center Lahore’s Tech Hub for Electronics Galore

Lahore’s Hafeez Center is well-known for its number of electronics and mobile shops. It is regarded as one of Pakistan’s largest and most popular technology markets, selling a vast range of mobile phones, accessories, gadgets, and other electronic goods. If you’re looking for the latest smartphones or specific accessories, Hafeez Center is an iconic destination for many Lahore tech lovers.

Shops at Hafeez Center Lahore

The Hafeez Center in Lahore has around 500 – 600 shops that serve to a variety of technological demands. The mobile shops at Hafeez Center don’t just offer phones; they also sell accessories such as cases, screen protectors, chargers, headphones, and other mobile device accessories. People working in these stores receive regular updates about the products they sell and may assist consumers in selecting the appropriate phone or accessories depending on their preferences and needs.

Here’s a list of few electronics shops at hafeez center:

1- Pakistan Computers:

It is a shop within Hafeez Center where customers can purchase laptops from various brands like HP, Apple (MacBook), Dell, and potentially other manufacturers. This shop specializes in selling a variety of laptops, offering models from different brands to cater to diverse customer preferences.

The shop likely provides assistance and guidance to customers, helping them choose the right laptop based on specifications, performance, price, and any specific preferences the customers might have regarding brands or features.


  • 22-3rd Floor, Hafeez Center, Main Boulevard, Lahore


2- IT World

This shop serves as a comprehensive tech destination, providing a wide assortment of mobile phones and laptops. Customers visiting this shop have the advantage of exploring and comparing different brands, models, and specifications for both mobile devices and laptops, all conveniently in one place.

The shop stocks diverse mobile phones from brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and more, cater to various needs and budgets. Similarly, it offers a range of laptops from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple (MacBook), Acer, ASUS, and others, covering different specifications and uses such as gaming, professional tasks, and everyday use.


  • 73-3rd floor, Hafeez Center Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore


3- Mobile Hut:

Mobile hut is a one-stop shop for the latest mobile phones and a wide range of accessories. Explore a diverse range of advanced smartphones from leading brands, with options to suit every taste and budget. Get a selection of accessories, cases, chargers, screen protectors, and more to personalize and complement your mobile experience.

They’re committed to enhancing your mobile experience by offering a variety of accessories that boost usefulness, style, and convenience.


  • 10-A ground floor Hafeez center Gulberg III Lahore


4- IPhone Center:

They sell a wide range of mobile phones from well-known manufacturers including Samsung, Lenovo, Qmobile, Nokia, Apple, Oppo, Huawei, and more.


  • 19-G ground floor hafeez center Gulberg III Lahore


5- Century Computers

They sell high-quality laptops of HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus at their store. They have a wide range of options to meet your computing demands and preferences.

Their objective has always been to provide more than simply low pricing; they strive to establish a family-like atmosphere in which they can share their technological skills with you. Century Computers recognizes that clients desire dependable products at a reasonable price, which is why they continually change to fit their needs.


  • 6, LG hafeez center Gulberg Lahore


6- The Brand Store

Go to their store to see the latest in mobile technology. They have a wide selection of modern cellphones as well as an extensive collection of accessories. They’re dedicated to add value and personalize your smartphone experience, from attractive cases and chargers to screen protectors and more.

They sell phone parts at wholesale prices, making repairs and replacements more accessible and affordable. They provide a broad spectrum, from screens to batteries, enabling both consumers and businesses to repair and restore mobile devices. Their dedication to quality extends to these parts, allowing for seamless repairs and customer satisfaction.


  • Shop No. LG-143 Hafeez Center Gulberg III, Lahore, 54660


7- Hafiz Computer and Laptop Repairing:

It’s a laptop and computer repair shop, where technical problems are met with expert solutions. Their professional technicians cautiously figure out and address a wide range of difficulties, from hardware repairs to software enhancements. They committed to giving your electronic devices new life by fixing issues like cracked screens, slow performance, and advanced technological faults.


  • Shop# LG-108, hafeez center Gulberg III Lahore


8- Info Tech System:

It’s a laptop shop where they specialize in providing high-quality laptops while also ensuring customer satisfaction. Their concentrated focus on laptops enables them to select a varied choice of models, ensuring we have the perfect match for every need. Their focus extends beyond sales to knowing your needs and directing you to the best option. They want to generate happy and pleased customers with their knowledge and customized service, rather than just sell laptops.


  • Shop# 82-3rd floor hafeez center main boulevard Gulberg III Lahore


9- JA Enterprise:

JA Enterprise at Hafeez Center is your one-stop shop for high-quality laptops. This store focuses in offering a wide variety of laptops while ensuring quality, performance, and customer happiness. From stylish laptops to powerful desktops, they have a selected collection to meet a variety of demands. Its professional staff is committed to guide you through their selection, ensuring you locate the ideal laptop for your needs. Enter JA Enterprise for a hassle-free laptop purchase experience.


  • 61-A 3rd floor hafeez center Lahore


10- Cellular Care Station

Welcome to Cellular Care Station, the place to go for expert mobile phone support. The professionals will be there to help you whether you need guidance on the latest devices, repairs, or accessories. At Cellular Care Station, their staff is devoted to delivering exceptional service and expert advice for all your mobile needs. Make the most of their convenient in-store pickup service when you visit this shop, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience. Enjoy hassle-free shopping with fast in-store pickup, which ensures a smooth and quick process adapted to your needs.

Their services are installation; iPhone service center, apple repairing center and Samsung mobile are available.


  • Ground floor E1 hafeez center Lahore


11- Rafi Mobile Center:

Rafi Mobile, located in Lahore’s Hafeez Center, provides professional phone and laptop repair services. In addition, we sell a variety. Their services include expert repairs for a wide range of phone and laptop problems, providing reliable solutions. Explore a varied collection of mobile devices and electrical gadgets in this shop department, which includes alternatives for both phones and laptops to meet your tech demands.


  • Hafeez center Main Boulevard block E Gulberg Lahore.


12- Al Wahab Computer Lab:

Al Wahab Computer Lab, located in the Hafeez Center in Lahore, specializes in professional computer repair services. They have skilled technicians who provide complete repair solutions for plenty of computer problems, ensuring quality and dependability. They cover all elements of computer repair, from hardware repairs to software problems.

In addition to repair services, they offer advice and consultation to assist you make educated decisions about upgrades or replacements. Their priority is to provide prompt and effective solutions that ensure your computer runs properly.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction motivates them at Al Wahab Computer Lab to provide dependable and efficient computer repair services, establishing them as a trusted brand in the Hafeez Center tech community.


  • Office no 89-LG lower ground floor main boulevard Gulberg III Lahore block E.


13- E Shop

At e shop hafeez center, they provide a wide range of computer accessories ensuring you find everything for your computer to upgrade or repair it. They have processors and motherboards, RAM, hard drives, software, CPU, keyboard, mouse and peripherals. They have an extensive stock of all the parts of computer.

Furthermore, their dedication to improving your technological experience extends to mobile accessories. Discover a plethora of products meant to upgrade your mobile devices, including trendy phone cases that combine style and protection, dependable chargers, screen protectors that ensure safety, and a variety of inventive gadgets. This shop strives to provide a wide range that allows you to personalize and customize.


  • Hafeez center, LG 112 A block E1 Gulberg III Lahore


14- Fone Square:

Fone Square, located in Hafeez Center, is your ultimate cell phone destination, offering a diverse range of brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others. This store takes pleasure in offering a vast selection of phones to meet a wide range of interests and needs. Whether you’re looking for the most recent Apple innovation, the dependability of Samsung, the cutting-edge features of Huawei, or the value-packed selections from Xiaomi, this store has many of possibilities. Fone Square offers a personalized and diverse mobile shopping experience.


  • Hafeez center shop 7 ground floor block E1 Gulberg III Lahore


15- 110 Mobile:

Located in the core of Lahore’s tech scene, 110 Mobile is the ultimate solution for all of your mobile needs. Their comprehensive selection of mobile phones, together with a vast range of accessories and outstanding repair services, ensures a quick and top-tier experience for all of your cell phone needs. 110 Mobile is dedicated to providing excellence in all aspects of your mobile adventure.


  • Ground floor hafeez center 10 B main Boulevard Gulberg III Lahore.


16- Horizon Mobile:

Horizon Mobile at Hafeez Center is your mobile solution destination. This store provides a wide choice of smartphones, accessories, and dependable repair services. They ensure a smooth experience for all of your mobile demands by focusing on client satisfaction.

They have all kind of phone accessories.


  • Hafeez center G-5-C ground floor Main Boulevard Gulberg Lahore.


Shop Smart: Purchase Electronics Online!

Moreover, their website offers the convenience of purchasing equipment online from the comfort of your home. This user-friendly process allows you to procure items effortlessly.


  • Hafeez center is Located on Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore, it stands as a central point.



I hope this post shed some light on hafeez center Lahore and gave some useful information. Remember that your curiosity is worthwhile, and no question is too small. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions or concerns. Your satisfaction and understanding are of the utmost importance. Please feel free to ask questions, inquire, and dive deeper into this fascinating topic.

Q1. Are there specific brands available at Hafeez center?

Yes, Hafeez center offer products from various brands, including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Dell, HP and many others provide a wide selection for consumers.

Q2. What is Hafeez center known for?

Hafeez Center is renowned as Lahore’s premier tech hub, offering a diverse range of electronics, gadgets, and tech-related services.

Q3. Is there a specific day or time when Hafeez center is less crowded?

Weekdays and mornings usually see fewer crowds compared to weekends or later hours. Planning a visit during weekdays or early hours might offer a less bustling experience.

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