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PTCL Complaint Registration

PTCL is the most wanted network in Pakistan. People themselves like to have PTCL network in their house. Because this helps them in contacting with their loved ones, their professional life and also help them in their studies.

PTCL is the Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD. It is also in the form of device, wireless routers and Telephone. 

Why people face problem in PTCL network?

Many peoples face problems in their network. Their network get stuck n stops working. As with increment in the society, people started to face the issue of PTCL network because there are many peoples to use the same connection. They get worried about how to fix this problem. Everyone wants fast communication network.

Here we are with a solution of your problems. In lostinlahore you will get to know how to complain them about the issue.

We will tell you all the options about the complaint registration.

How many ways a person can complaint about the PTCL?

There are numerous ways to register you complain, below are the ways:

Online Complaint Types:

  • Via WhatsApp
  • Via sending an SMS
  • Via Email
  • Via submitting a Form
  • Via live chat service

All you have to do is just hold your phone and start to search.

Online Complaint Registration

Online complaint registration is the easiest way to complain about the issues you are facing. You just have to consume your mobile data or the network of PTCL. This website helps you in complaining it asks some question like which device which modem or which network you are using from when?. You have to fill their requirements. 

Via Form:

First you have to search for the complaint form. Then you have to fill the requirements.

  • You have to tell the type of complain.
  • Product you are using.
  • Give your phone number.
  • Give you E-mail ID.
  • Give them Service Id#.

Above all the information is provided to you so you can easily fill it. Don’t skip any of the option if you skipped then your complaint will not be registered.

We are giving you all the information to get better solution of your problem.

Via SMS:

These are the steps to be followed:

  1. Type CMP
  2. Type Area, code and landline number
  3. Type Product code – Landline , Broadband: BB
  4. Send to 0512181218
  5. Receive complaint registration number
  6. Type “HELP” and send it to 0512181218

With SMS complaint system your issue will be resolved easily. Whether you have slow connection issue, slow browsing, no internet connection, call setting issue, voice breaking, dial tone issue or any other issue related to PTCL.

Via WhatsApp:

Simply just send a message on 03312181218  on your phone through WhatsApp with your name and type 3 to receive your complaint. It is a free self-service just consume you mobile data. Then type 6 to know about the complaint status. 

Via E- mail:

E- Mail Messaging is an expert approach to enrolling complaints. You can email the agents of PTCL and can enlist to complain to them.

Below are the addresses through which you can send the email of your complaint;

Before sending any message you have to tell the complaint in detail which you are facing in a good manner. Also mention your number and address.

Via live chat service:

This service is a time restricted services. It is not available for 24/7. This service is provided by PTCL to register your complain in urgent case.

Available timings for complain is from 9am to 9pm.

Complaint days are from Monday to Saturday.

How to use livechat service?

  • By clicking the button of LIVECHAT
  • On that page at the lower corner there will be a button of livechat.
  • Press“+” to start the live chat.
  • After this process you can register your complaint.

In case of unavailability of mobile data, internet on your phone. PTCL also provided a helpline number from which you can easily complaint about your issue. Just call on 1218 .

PTCL Complaint Number

These are the complaint numbers of Ptcl which you may need:

  • Corporate helpline number: 1260 and 111202020 
  • Billing Information: 1200 
  • Inquiry or directory services: 1217
  • Complaint registration or help on any fault: 1218 

Final Thoughts

I hope from my research you will get all the information about PTCL complaint registration. I am hoping that you will like my article and don’t forget to give us feedback. If you want to ask any question related to the articles just ask without any hesitation.


Type your CMP. Enter your Area Code and Landline Number. Type your item code in the configuration Landline: LL, Broadband: BB. Send it to 1218 by adding region code before the number.

Yes, you can by different processes like by mobile, sms, email, livechat and submitting a form.

1218 is the helpline number of Lahore city.

PTCL free telephone dialed from mobile terminals of the Operator to start calls to PTCL Network will not be charged by a Party to the next Party.

By dialing 1200 you can find the billing information and landline number from online PTCL directory.

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