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Emporium Mall Cinema – Hidden Details & Significance (Updated 2024)

Universal Cinemas are considered among the top-most cinemas in Lahore. But here the question is that is it really worth it or not? So, you don’t have to worry about it because we cover the detailed significance of the emporium mall cinema. Tickets price, mall timings, facilities, it’s interior and much more. In fact, here you will find almost all of your answers.

Role of Cinemas

We all are very well known about cinemas and the importance of cinema in our lives. We should go to cinemas at least once in a month. It will help you refresh your minds and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. The environment of cinema is very different and amazing.

There are a lot of cinemas all over the world to entertain people. They show you different kinds of movies on a big screen according to your choice from which you get information about many things. The film has the component of mirroring the social, political, and social changes and adding to the real world’s reproduction. It’s a very good place to communicate with other people.

Cinema’s inside the Malls in Lahore

 In different places, there are cinemas for the citizens to visit. Before, there were no malls, only movie theatres. But now, with time in Pakistan, especially in Lahore, they build malls for shopping, walking around, games, etc. They construct cinemas on different floors, so people can watch movies after completing their shopping and all.

The most popular malls in which cinemas are present in Lahore are:-

  • Emporium Mall (Universal Cinemas)
  • Fortress Square Mall (Cinepax Fortress)
  • Packages Mall (Cinepax Cinema)
  • Amanah Mall (Cinepax Amanah Mall)
  • Xinhua Mall (Cinestar Cinema)
  • Vogue Tower (Super Cinema)

If you want to enjoy yourself more with your friends and family, I recommend you to visit the Universal Cinemas of emporium mall. It is very beautiful from inside and outside and their services are so good.

Universal Cinema (Ticket Price, Timing & Contact Info)

universal cinema emporium mall lahore

 Here we will tell you about Universal Cinema in Emporium Mall, Lahore.

Universal cinema is located on the 2nd floor of the emporium mall next to the food court. Emporium Mall is a shopping center where you can see different kinds of shops like clothes, furniture, an ice skating rink, cinema, food court, and hotel.

Emporium Mall is a thirteen-story building, including almost three-story leaving slopes under the shopping center, holding 2000 vehicles. It includes a nine-screen multiplex cinema and Pakistan’s biggest film cinema called Universal Cinemas.


The Facilities provided in emporium mall cinema are following

  • Featuring 9 screens & plays almost 40 shows every day.
  • 73 Feet Ultra Wide Hd Screen
  • Host Private Screenings (to watch movie of your choice)
  • Surround Sound System of 64 Speakers
  • Luxurious Gold Halls with fully comfortable recliner sofas & butler service
  • You can also watch 3d Movies
  • Pleasant and comfortable sitting area to sit and wait for your show timing
  • Food bar where you get different food items like burgers, nuggets, popcorns and drinks, etc 

It offers 3 kinds of seatings based on comfort

  1. Ultra (Comfortable seats)
  2. Premium (for the best view of the screen)
  3. Gold ( Recliner Seats which bends up to 180 degrees)

“ Emporium Mall is the project of Nishat Group owned by Mian Muhammad Mansha.”

Interior of the Cinema

There is a giant hall which is very beautifully decorated. Seats are arranged by a line in a column & row and very comfortable. You can easily watch a movie without any irritation. Lights get dimmed when a movie starts. The atmosphere inside the cinema becomes very attractive. 

The environment would have become even more enjoyable from the movie’s sound. They decorate the cinema according to the movie. It would become a beautiful scene. They also provide you with food and drinks. So you can enjoy it more.

Family Days and Events

Whenever any event comes, the mall celebrates it in a very excited manner. On these days, only families will go in with their kids. Boys are not allowed to come alone. So if they want to come, there is an option to get entry.

They can ask a favor from any family to get an entry with them to enjoy in there. So, boys, you don’t need to worry about that. 

Timings of Emporium Mall

There are different timings according to the situation. Hours might get changed. If you have the ticket, you can watch movies after midnight.

Monday10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Tuesday10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Wednesday10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Thursday10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Saturday10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Family DaysHours
Saturday – Sunday05:00 pm -11:00 pm

Ticket Price

All Ticket Prices are updated as of 2024 (If any change in timings and prices, later on, we will update it accordingly).

Monday – FridayBefore 05:00 pm = 850 Rupees (Standard Screen)
Monday – FridayAfter 05:00 pm = 1050 Rupees (Ultra Screen)
Monday – FridayStudent Discount (before 03:00 pm only)  = 600 Rupees (standard screen)
Saturday – SundayStandard Screen = 950 Rupees
Saturday – SundayUltra Screen = 1150 Rupees
Monday – SundayGOLD SCREEN = 1600 Rupees
For Premium Seat (+200 rupees), you have to give extra 200 rupees.
For 3D Glasses(+300 rupees), you have to pay an extra 300 rupees.
Bring your Student ID card with you for a discount.
One Card is valid for one ticket.
Student Discount is NOT VALID on Public Holidays.
emporium mall cinema ticket price

Contact info

Social Networks

  • Click on the links below to reach the cinema’s social media accounts.


  • It is located in Johar Town, Lahore.
  • Click on the link below to get directions of the Emporium Mall Cinema.

How to Buy Tickets to Watch a Movie at Universal Cinema?

 You can buy tickets online from their booking site. It’s an easy process to buy tickets.

When you visit this website you will see different types of movies; Now it’s up to you which one you want to see. 

Steps to book a ticket Online:

  1. Choose the movie you want to see.
  2. After choosing the movie, you have to log in or sign up via email, and then you will see a small box with an option to BOOK TICKET.
  3. Click on the BOOK TICKET option to see different categories like standard and quantity.
  4. Select a suitable time and date to watch a movie.
  5. After the selection, you can put the number of tickets you want to buy.
  6. Now, they allow you to select your seat.
  7. Then, you will pay for your ticket at the given site or bank.

You can also buy tickets from the counter. You can also cancel your online tickets within 24 hours if any plan changes.

Impact of Cinema

It builds up the imagination power of people. It also teaches us how to be practical in life. It brings us closer and introduces us to different kinds of people and their lives. It makes us aware by the society that which kind of peoples are there and it’s a good thing. When we watch the movie, we gain a lot of knowledge from it. It inspires other people to broaden their imagination and thinking. It also gives us a way to make new friends. 

Rules to Watch a Movie

   Kindly follow these rules while watching movies in the cinema.

  1. First thing, you have to take your seats and it will be good if you don’t move from there again and again. It will create disturbance inside the hall. 
  2. Kindly try not to fight with anyone there on small things.
  3. Don’t stand up on your seat to make videos or streaks. The person behind you will get disturbed by this behavior, so avoid this. 
  4. Make sure you are sitting in your seat, so it will be easy for others to sit in their own places.
  5. Try not to throw wrappers of chips and bottles on the floor coz it will make your place messy and dirty. 

” I Hope You Will Get Satisfied By Reading This and Your Problems get Clear, If You Get Any Confusion, So Without Hesitation Feel Free To Ask in Comments

Final Thoughts

Cinemas have a good impact on us because nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so. You can learn many things and enjoy yourself in the cinema with your family and friends and with anyone you want. It also provides you with facilities and provides you with a comfortable environment. You can also visit the mall, go shopping, play games, and eat food in food courts. Getting a ticket for your show is easy in universal cinema because of its vast screens.


It’s very reasonable starting from 850 rupees for a single person.

Emporium Mall is the project of Nishat Group owned by Mian Muhammad Mansha.

Well, no, it depends on the standard you choose; Standard, Regular, or Gold.

It is located in Johar Town.

Timing for the family day is according to the events. Like Christmas day, Eid, Quaid day, etc. Usually, on weekends it is from 05:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Saturday and Sunday are the days for the family. And with that, whenever the events come are also the days for the family.

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