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Inmol Hospital Lahore – All Services, Departments & Contact Info

It is one of the best cancer health care centers in Lahore. INMOL is abbreviated as Institute of Nuclear Medicines and Oncology. Inmol hospital Lahore is prioritized for cancer patients and provides diagnostic and treatment facilities. It was established by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) in 1984.

Many people pronounce Anmol Hospital instead of Inmol Hospital. The actual pronunciation is ‘Inmol Hospital’ from “I”. The main issue is that is it a good hospital to take the patient or not. Here we will briefly discuss about its Departments, Services, how to get an appointment with a doctor, FAQ’S and much more detail about this Inmol Cancer Hospital famous for ‘Cancer care Hospital in Pakistan’.

Empowering Poor Nation

For poor people who cannot afford their medical expenses and die from cancer, (PWS) PATIENTS WELFARE SOCIETY was established to help poor people financially, medically, socially and psychologically. 

Earlier, it was not possible for this disease to be so prevalent that every person would suffer from this disease.  But now with time and with pollution and a lot of viruses, this disease is getting common. Many people are suffering from cancer in today’s life.

Inmol Hospital Helping Hand

Nowadays peoples are both rich and poor and it is very difficult for those poor people to cure this disease. Because treatment of cancer is very expensive that’s why government collects funds from those who are applicable to pay. Our lives are wonderful blessings from Allah to us we should have to protect our lives and also save each other’s lives as well.

It can also be difficult for some patients to diagnose with cancer from lack of financial resources. inmol cancer hospital is trying to reduce this cancer rate by providing the appropriate medical facilities for cancer patients. In short, INMOL HOSPITAL is trying to save the patients.

Patient Welfare Society (PWS)

PWS was established because government funds are not that much worthy for treatments, and this society is still making great efforts for cancer patients in this regard.

Funds are Insufficient So We should have to Utilize Them Where they can have the Biggest Impact in the Society”

Services by INMOL Hospital

Services provided by INMOL Hospital are so good and satisfying. Patients will feel comfortable because nurses and doctors are cooperative and understanding. They help you out in a convenient way.

  • Free medicines
  • Pain killer medicines
  • Inmol house
  • Recreation room
  • Leukemia treatment
  • Rehabilitation unit
  • Iftar and sehar in Ramadan
  • Gifts on eid
  • Waiting area
  • Parking facility
  • Patient’s room
  • Pharmacy blood bank
  • 24/7 emergency service

All these services are for your comfort so that the patients would feel easy and be comfortable in the hospital environment.

Labs and Diagnostics

Labs that are recommended by inmol hospital for the blood tests are given below:

  • Chughtai lab
  • Citilab research center
  • Excel labs
  • Al noor diagnostic center
  • Dr. Essa laboratory
  • Advance diagnostic center

Treatment Services

With additional services INMOL HOSPITAL also gives you facilities of treatment so you should get your treatment from one place and you don’t have to go anywhere else.

  • Angiogram
  • CT scan
  • Coiling
  • DSA (digital subtraction imaging)
  • Embolization
  • MRI
  • RFA
  • X-RAY
  • Pic line
  • Mammogram
  • Fluoroscopy

Inmol Hospital Donations and Funds

In today’s world due to COVID-19 people are struggling to make ends meet. Everyone is hand to mouth and tries to feed their homies.

For cancer patients, it is very difficult to get their treatments so hospitals collect funds for treatment of patients. And many people contribute to pay dues and donate funds.

 Some of those donors who contribute are below and we are grateful.

  • Jalal Sons
  • Panther Tyres & Tubes
  • Gourmet

The government also pays funds to it. Every patient has to live their life healthy and happy and have a lot of things they want to do in their life. It’s our duty to complete their wish. So, every person should donate to the people in need because it is our responsibility as Muslims and as human beings.

For donation, you can visit this site and see all the details about the process

Inmol Hospital Main Team

This whole team of Inmol hospital works together and manages all the holds in the hospital with cooperation.

  • Mr’s Yasmeen
  • Mr’s Riffat Mohsin
  • Dr Misbah Masood

News & Events

    Every hospital and institute has its own publishing events So, the Inmol Hospital Lahore also do some certain events. For patients to feel good and have a better environment. News casters also attend in these events and they record the entire event.

Events are held on a very special occasions like:

  • Labour Day
  • Independence Day
  • Pakistan Day
  • Cancer Patient Day
  • Cancer Patient Picnic Day
  • Friends of Inmol Day

How to get Appointment

 INMOL HOSPITAL is open 24/7 hours because who knows when we will get this diagnosis, so you can easily get your checkup done on time. Different doctors will deal with you because of the shift changes.

For taking an appointment you have to check the website  and check the timing and contact on this number (042) 38900939

I hope every patient who is facing cancer will recover soon with good health in Inmol Cancer Hospital Lahore.

Location of Inmol Hospital Lahore

It is situated beside “Shaikh Zayed Hospital” and “College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan”, and the well-known place near “The University of Punjab”.

INMOL Cancer Hospital, Khayaban-e-Jamia Punjab, Block D Muslim Town, Lahore

Contact Info

You can contact inmol cancer hospital via this number mentioned below:

Telephone Number: 042-99231054

Opening Hours

On Sunday, it’s open for emergencies only and on other days it is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

  • Monday – Saturday :  (8 AM – 6 PM).
  •  Sunday: Closed.
  • For Emergency, it is Open For 24/7 hours.

Departments in Inmol Hospital

Each hospital would have different departments within its own hospital. INMOL HOSPITAL also has departments for different diseases.

Here is the name of the departments in Inmol Hospital :

  • Radiology
  • Clinical Oncology
  • Radiotherapy
  • Nuclear Medicine and PET CT
  • RIA lab
  • Clinical Pathology Lab
  • Radio-pharmacy Division

I am going to tell you briefly about these departments.

1. Radiology Department

     Radiology Department is generally new expansion (2005) to INMOL malignant growth clinic. They are trying to set and keep high guidelines in the Radiology department in inmol hospital. They give a friendly climate to patients. Doctors and Residents are trained to become capable and skillful Radiologists. They have occupied responsibility of oncology as well as general Radiology.

In Facilities, they are giving the whole body digital X-ray and also offering CR services in the department.

Radiology Department is completing Institutional-based practice (IBP) after routine emergency clinic time, at lower than winning business sector rates. Radiologists and residents are doing numerous exploration projects. Radiologists and occupants take an interest in National Radiology Conferences and symposia also

2. Clinical oncology

        The clinical Oncology division of INMOL Hospital is working under the oversight of DR. Misbah Masood. It involves Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology and Clinical Hematology. Around 6000 or more new patients are enrolled each year. 100 had relations with wards that are accessible for patients alongside private and disengagement rooms.

 A best-in-class Chemotherapy Bay is being dealt with day by day 100-150 patients getting chemotherapies on outside premises. 12 slept with Leukemia Bay and 15 slept with pediatric units are giving great consideration to patients determined to have hematological malignancies.

3. Radiotherapy

    INMOL Hospital has Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission’s biggest expert radiation treatment focus, offering a-list radiation treatment and the most recent preparation and gear to convey the best accessible.

4. Nuclear medicine and PET CT

      The department of nuclear medication of INMOL involves Nuclear Medicine and PET areas. In the Nuclear Medicine segment Single indicator SPECT cameras have been supplanted by a two-fold head and one single head identifier SPECT gamma cameras. These cameras are fit for performing entire body imaging, static output, dynamic investigations and different tomography systems.

Patients visit the department for different systems including thyroid, bone, renal, cardiovascular outputs and radionuclide treatments. Among different outputs Liver, Hepatobiliary, Parathyroid, Iodine-131, MUGA, Cardiac, MIBG, Octreotide, Lung, Mackle’s sweep and Gastro-gastrointestinal drain review are likewise performed. Radionuclide treatment with I-131 is a customary help. Notwithstanding every one of these P-32 treatment for bone concealment and thrombocythemia is presented at the division. Expertise for Lu-177 EDTMP and other radionuclide treatments are additionally accessible.

5. RIA lab

   Radioimmunoassay (RIA) is a micro-analytical procedure that utilizes the utilization of radionuclides for estimation of chemicals, medications, nutrients, and catalysts and to identify antibodies, antigens, and hepatitis markers for the analysis of different infections. RIA is an in-vitro method that gives premise to touchy and explicit symptomatic tests.

INMOL was established in 1984 and from that point forward RIA division has been giving solid, reproducible, exact and precise outcomes to the patients.

    D. Neonatal evaluating for inborn hypothyroidism RIA lab INMOL is the main lab in Pakistan giving dried blood spot TSH examine for infant screening of intrinsic mental hindrance

6. Clinical pathology lab

      The Department of Pathology is the internal bridge between clinical consideration and essential science at INMOL disease Hospital. It assumes a fundamental part in the foundation’s central goal to work on understanding consideration and the executives.

 The mission of this division is to give excellent research facility administrations to the finding, managing, and prognostic assessment of patients. The division includes six lab disciplines associated with various examinations.

The Clinical Lab offers:

  • Quick Turnaround season of tests.
  • STAT (extraordinary time required to circle back) test result announcing of pressing cases (for example Crisis and basic patients of wards)
  • Immediate announcing of basic qualities to the counseling specialists or patient.
  • Interaction with the treating doctors etc.

7. Radio pharmacy division

The “Cyclotron and Allied Radio pharmaceutics Division” at INMOL manages the advancement of Cyclotron and generator-based radionuclides and radiotracers for imaging and indicative applications in atomic medication through positron outflow tomography (PET) and afterward therapy of malignant growth, at a later stage.

The Division additionally centers on the plan, advancement and pre-clinical assessment of novel targets and theranostic radiopharmaceuticals for imaging (PET and SPECT), infection separation and focused on radionuclide treatment (TRNT) of scattered disease as well as on the clinical interpretation of most encouraging competitors.

Final Thoughts

   Inmol hospital is one of the best hospitals for cancer patients, their service is also good and has different departments for different diseases. You will get satisfied by their hospitality. I wish you guys’ to GET WELL SOON and live your life the way you want to live.


No, but it is mainly for a Cancer patient but also have different departments and services for different types of Patients.

Yes, for 24/7 hours in case of any emergency patients will need emergency first aid service which they are providing.

To get an online appointment you have to visit the site of inmol hospital or contact on their phone number 042-35863958.

Khayaban-e-Jamia Punjab, Block D Muslim Town, Lahore, Punjab

The consultation fee range is between 500 – 2000.

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    1. Shumaila Asif, You ask for p.e.t scan in inmol hospital. The fee of p.e.t scan is 40,000 approximately but it may be reduce to 20,000 INMOL welfare society if you cannot afford that fee. You first have to get registered your patient from inmol OPD if you want full treatment, or if you have already reference of p.e.t scan then just deposit the fee and they will give you a date of p.e.t scan normally with in 15 days.

      To book an appointment with a doctor you can call 042-99231064 from 9 AM to 11 PM to book your appointment. INMOL Cancer Hospital is 24/7 operational.

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